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Project Manager

When you entrust us with your project, you gain first and foremost by being able to precisely control costs and project completion and, at the same time, effectively manage work quality and schedules. Since general work is performed by our "General Contractor" division, management remains flexible, thus facilitating the changes you want to make during the construction process.

The owner is notified of our progress on a day-to-day basis, and can count on precise answers to all questions with which to rapidly assess the situation and make informed decisions.


The various project management models offered by Drolet enable us, in collaboration with our partners, to find the kind of agreement that strikes the best balance between quality, duration, and costs and that keeps action focused on achieving targeted results.

A number of advantages are specific to the project management, and construction management modes of operation. By working in partnership, planning and design phases can be accelerated and the operations of work site teams can be optimized (what is often referred to as the fast track procedure). Not only do our clients see faster delivery of the project and significant savings, they can also follow the progress of work down to the smallest details on a daily basis.


The projects managed by Drolet are negotiated skilfully and in full knowledge of leading-edge methods and technologies in the construction sector. Depending on the project, you can select the professionals with whom we will collaborate, or instead mandate us to do the recruiting for you. The partners we work with-architects, engineers, special trade contractors, suppliers and other design or construction associates-all have outstanding reputations. Depending on the mandate, we will take full charge of plans and specifications as well as the overall construction process.

Our management system based on the ISO 9001-2008 standard enables us to rigorously control all phases of project completion and to eliminate conflicts. This approach is instrumental to producing the most accurate estimates and documenting the flow of costs as work proceeds, in keeping with the appropriate budget control methods. Drolet also releases its partners from concerns over health and safety standards or certain legal aspects of the project, while also keeping a close watch over their interests.